Power Wheelchairs

Independence through mobility.

SVMS carries power wheelchairs that range from basic Captain seating to complex rehabilitation products with powered seating and alternative controls. A Basic Captain’s seat chair could look like the one pictured here.

A person who needs more postural support may use a chair that looks like this one. The seat pan allows any cushion to be used and postural supports can be attached to the frame.

Power positioning and customized seating is also an option on these wheelchairs. If you are in your chair more than a couple of hours a day, have postural asymmetries, or risk of pressure sores make sure to check out the seating section for more ideas, or better yet, contact our office for a seating consultation.


Captain Seating on Power Wheelchair Base


Power Wheelchair with Power Positioning Components

Alternative controls allow someone without fine motor control in their hands to operate a power wheelchair. We are proud to have staff who understand these technologies and can bring these to you and your loved ones. From hand to eye to chin or foot, we can provide independence through mobility through the use of alternative controls.

There are hundreds of wheelchairs with many options, such as wheel location, which can have a profound effect on how your wheelchair will operate for you on a daily basis.

SVMS has Rehab Technology Specialists on staff with many years of experience, credentials, and on-going training who can help find the appropriate equipment for each individual. We are committed to a team approach and welcome the voices of clinicians, caregivers, and family at your evaluation to make sure that all issues have been addressed and the chair provided will be just right for you now and into the future.


Rehab Seating with Power Wheelchair Base