Lifting is one of the activities which presents the most risk for caregivers. We carry a full range of lifting products. The most basic lift is a hydraulic patient lift in which the person being transferred is suspended in a sling. There are also power versions of this which are useful when caregivers have weakness themselves or if they are required to perform many lifts per day. A sit-to-stand lift is appropriate for individuals who are able to weight bear during transfers. It is only available with a power actuator and is not typically covered by insurance.



Slings come in many sizes, styles and materials which may be important for you. Divided leg slings are recommended to allow easy easier application and removal for the caregiver and client. Removal of the sling while the patient is in the wheelchair is necessary to prevent pressure points and allow the postural supports to perform as intended.


Bath Lifts

Bathtub lifts and modular portable lift systems are also available. These can help to improve access within your home to areas which a floor lift is not feasible, such as bathtubs, certain beds and chairs.


Stair Lifts

When you cannot climb steps safely a stair lift may offer what you need. SVMS installs and repairs standard and customized models.


Vertical platform lifts

Vertical platform lifts can provide access to decks, porches and other areas for you and your wheelchair without the installation of an elevator.