Diagnosis: Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome

Barb does not let RSD get her down! She remains as active as possible and enjoys traveling and photography. When she was no longer able to use her camera in the traditional manner, SVMS worked with her to create a custom camera mount for her rehab chair. Now she is just as handy with her camera as ever! You can keep your eyes out for her photography displayed in various local galleries and businesses. When Barb is not traveling or taking pictures, she enjoys spending time with her three grandchildren—they are her pride and joy!

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Jacob and Cody

Diagnosis: Lesch Nyhan Syndrome

Despite their affliction of Lesch Nyhan, these brothers do not let it prevent them from trying anything! Cody, the big brother, enjoys watching Nascar (go Jimmie Johnson!), hunting, and fishing, and also watching football (and, at this time, is a Dallas Cowboys fan!).

Jacob enjoys watching football - especially Penn State (Go STATE!!) - and he also enjoys hunting and fishing with his brother and their dad.

It was an amazing deer season for the boys this year, as they each shot their first buck! Jacob shot an 11 point buck and Cody an 8 point buck. Awesome job, guys! And, with spring right around the corner, both Jacob and Cody are preparing to join the Lewisburg Little League Challenger Baseball Team again.

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Diagnosis: Paraplegia

Nick has always been very active, despite being paralyzed from the waist down as a small child. Through high school, he was very active in school activities, including singing in the church choir. He enjoys swimming and playing pool - in fact, Nick just opened his own pool hall in 2007! In addition to running the pool hall, he is also taking college classes online. When he’s not busy driving around in his adapted car, swimming, working, studying, or playing pool, Nick enjoys spending time with his girlfriend.

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Diagnosis:  Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type III

Carlee leads a very happy, active life, despite her diagnosis of SMA, Type III.

Carlee enjoys school and has recently developed a strong interest in story writing. She likes to write stories about herself and her life, as well as other funny, fictional stories. She also likes to swim and sometimes plays well with her older brother! Best of all, though, Carlee participates in a dance/ballet class that she absolutely loves!

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Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Abby has certainly not let CP prevent her from living a dynamic life!

In addition to being extremely involved in many (about 10!) clubs in High School, as either an officer or a member, Abby has also found time to take part in Bucknell University’s summer program for high school students, Make A Difference, which is a leadership workshop designed to get high school students involved and making a difference in their communities. She has brought her experience from this camp back home to her Youth and Philanthropy Club, who is given $5,000 a year to use to help a local organization; they already have several ideas of how to use it. Abby is looking forward to graduating high school in 2009 and going to college to study education, communication, and English, or speech pathology. We believe she will be successful in any path she chooses to follow!

In the meantime, she is most excited about her cruise to St. Thomas, San Juan and surrounding islands, where she will fulfill her lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins! How cool!

When Abby finally does have some downtime from all of her social and school activities, she prefers to spend quality time with her family and friends.

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