Manual Wheelchairs

Manual wheelchairs, as with power wheelchairs, can be very simple in construction or very complex.

Basic Manual Wheelchairs are only meant for 2-3 hours of use per day. They are often not durable for clients who have greater needs. In addition, basic manual wheelchairs are heavier than their higher end counterparts.


Basic Manual Wheelchair


Tilt-in-Space / Positioning

Also, manual wheelchairs can be folding or rigid frame. The folding frame can be easier to put into a car for a trip, but the rigid frame is lighter and more efficient due to the reduced hardware.

All wheelchairs are modular, some more than others. Our goal is to provide you with the best chair for each person for today and as their needs change. To promote this we provide durable and modular equipment that can be modified to continue performing at the highest level for each client.

A large part of this is providing modular seating and positioning components.


High Strength Lightweight with Modular Seating


Ultra-lightweight Rigid Frame