Alternative Controls

For some, standard joystick control for wheelchair will not work. Poor muscle control resulting in decreased hand control can make mobility seem impossible. However, there are actually an infinite number of ways to control a wheelchair due to the advancements and variety of electronic controls available today.


Joystick Knobs


Microlight Switch


Buddy Buttons

For some, modifications to how the joystick is mounted, the joystick knob or custom programming can address their wheelchair control issues. Joystick knobs come in many shapes and sizes and for some this is enough to bridge the gap to wheelchair control. A gatlin mount moves the joystick inward when the user’s pattern of movement is not compatible with a standard joystick bracket.


Wafer Board


Star Switch Array


Gatlin Mount with Tray and Fiber Optic Switches

For others, multiple types of switches are available. Switches can be mounted to trays, integrated into existing postural hardware which puts the switch where the user can access it. Wheelchairs have been controlled by head, breath, tongue, eye, chin, elbow, or even feet.


Gatlin Mount with Tray and Proximity Switches


Head Array


Chin-Mounted Joystick

Some switches are heavy duty to meet the needs of clients with high spasticity and some switches are designed to be activated by the lightest touch.

Multiple evaluation/training sessions are often required to determine which method will function best for a new user.


Head Array 2


Sip and Puff Interface with Head Array